Tuesday, December 06, 2005

More About...Swiss Speed-Knitting Championships

For those of you interested in the Swiss Knitting Championships that took place a couple of weeks ago, I translated the articles available in the Swiss press. Links to the organiser are below, and they also have news of a similar competition in 2006.

"A woman has won the first Swiss knitting championships which were held in Kirchberg, Switzerland on November 20th, 2005. The competition was organised by the Swiss knitting championship association, Strickmeisterschaften.

In just one hour, Mrs. Helen Rehmann managed to knit the front of a jumper. In the men’s group, however, the fastest male knitter knitted a piece the size of a large handkerchief.

Having knit 5904 stitches in 60 minutes (equal to more than one and a half stitches per second) Helen Rehmann took home the title of fastest Swiss Champion. Hans-Rudolf Wahl, winner in the men’s group, managed 3777 stitches in the same time.

The aim of the competition was to cast on 40 stitches and knit as many rows as possible in 60 minutes. Needles were clicking away at a "hair-raising speed", commented the organizers.

Seventy-three people, of which seven were men, participated in the final. In the run up to the championship, 16 qualifying regional competitions had attracted interested from over 500 fans."

For more information about the competition, visit strickmeisterscaften.ch


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